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Wolf | Atlas 4 Piece Winder Safe

Wolf | Atlas 4 Piece Winder Safe

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The ultimate in security for your watches, jewelry, and valuables. The watch winders are controlled by WOLF’s Bluetooth connected App. The Atlas safe is the world-class choice.

Product Description

The Viceroy 16 Piece Watch Winder Cabinet will keep 16 watches perfectly wound and protected, while the drawer accommodates additional watch storage for 4 watches, and a removable Triple Watch Roll for 3 watches with hidden capsule for those most precious things. 

Set your winders to their Turns per Day and rotation direction based on your watch requirements and open the cabinet door via the user-friendly WOLF Bluetooth app, giving you ultimate control.


Item No: 466702
25" L x 8.5" W x 36.25" H
  • Bluetooth app controlled: Apple & Android
  • Rotation options: Customisable pre-programmed rotation 1–1,999 turns per day (TPD)
  • Settings: Clockwise, counter-clockwise, bi-directional
  • Start delay: Fully wound watches or those that have a power reserve, select from 1–255 hours, selected program will not start until start delay hours elapse
  • Lock-in dynamic cuff: Patented cuff & drum design ensures that cuff locks inside, ensuring watch is held safely in place
  • Size: Cuff and drum will suit all watch, strap & case sizes
  • Watch protection and winding: Keep 16 watches safe and wound, ready to wear. Use the WOLF app to set Turns per Day and direction of rotation
  • Patented watch winders: WOLF winders count turns per day no other winder does this, others use time to estimate rotations.
  • Additional watch storage: Pull-out drawer houses 4 additional watches and Triple Watch Roll with hidden capsule inside
  • Locking tempered glass doors opened via Bluetooth app
  • Additional App controls: Start or stop all modules simultaneously, personalise cabinet name, upload picture of your watch as backdrop image, i-Mode feature that dims & turns off LED’s at night
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